Monday, February 18, 2013

Beauty things

   Take me back one year ago, i didn't really care about makeup or any beauty things, somehow because my mother didn't want me to makeup and it was hard to find any makeup products in Da Nang.  But right now, i kinda enjoy trying makeup as a new hobby. Most the makeup i bought by myself, some are gifts from friends. I'm not makeup guru/ professional makeup artist or trying to show off, just want to make a fun post and share my hobby so skip it if you don't like. :D
  For important event , i would put bb cream on my face but normally,  Lipstick always goes first and is enough for a day.

All my lipsticks i have except the Maybelline lip gloss ( it must be somewhere else in my purses)
        NYX soft matte lip cream ( San paulo) and Glam gloss aqua ( beat goes on). The glam gloss is quite sticky, it works well but compared to the Maybelline lip gloss, definitely 1-0 for Maybelline, The soft matte one is a good one, It makes your lip soft and don't dry your lip like mac's lipsticks and have a variety shades for you to choose. These two are not the best, but worth to try though.

     Pink shade: I use Milani in rose hip shade and L'oreal color richie in cotton pink. What could i say, the Milani one is the best drug store lipstick i have tried so far and so its price. It's a little dry on my lip. However, the color turns out really good so why not to try. The L'oreal is kinda weird, it's truly weird, i don't know how to describe but if you want something like pink pale on your lip and moisturizer well, go for this one but i wouldn't recommend this,  L'oreal color richie has other good shades though.

     Orange shade:  I use H&M lipstick, korres in mango shade and Miracle Apo in orange shade. All these three are the best. Especially the lip tint from Miracle Apo, which is Viet Nam product, i use it like a lot, hopefully it doesn't run out :(. But the other two are my favorite too, the lip butter is mainly a lip balm with a little color in it but does a pretty good job while the H&m gives you perfect color, however you need apply more lip balm for this one.
      Red shade:  Make up forever, FOREVER. I used to use Miracle Apo in red but it ran out so quickly. Luckily, in the trip to Las vegas, i got a free small lipstick from MUFE in Satin and soon realized it would be my favorite one. In the picture below, i don't know why it turns out like a pink one but the red shade from this one is perfect, plus moisturizing well. The only hand down for this one is that it's easily fade out in 1-2 hours.

       Mac is okay in my opinion, so dry for my lip even it has a moisturizer version though. I love the pink one Viva Glam nicki in Satin, however it's too dry so i cut it off  LOL to make a lip tint version hahahahahaha. The nude one for concealer my lip or just put it and then lip gloss for school day.

      Let's move on to the the next step, Mascara. All the mascaras below are the good ones.  Mac extended play lash ( blue one), maybelline mascara, Benefit they're real.
       My most favorite is from Benefit. I bought a small version to try and immediately fall in love with it, it also has a version called nasty gal or something, can't wait to try it >.<. It makes you lash A LOT longer and more dramatic. The second favorite probably is Mac one, more intension and not sticky like Maybelline.
      So basically all the make up steps are done. If i have more time, i would go for eye liner and sometime would be for blushes
For eye liner, i use Revlon liquid liner most of the time but the Bobbi Brown gel liner works better. I had used eye liner of Maybelline but forsure hand down for that one, Just don't like its formula. NYX sparkle eye liner is for bottom lash if i want to make spider lash or more impressive.  

      Blushes: The first blush i used is from MUFE, it's cream blush  in shade pink number 5 and surprisingly my mother, who always wants me no make up on face bought it for me while I got the coral one ( number 12) as a gift. These two are okay and easily fade out though. The Mac ones are my favorite blushes, i bought the peaches shade and sheer tone shimmer blush for bronzer my face, highly recommend Mac's blushes.

    Well, as i said above, natural is most important key. I wouldn't say make up  is bad. In contrast, i love it but not recommend make up a lot, only 1 or 2 times a week are enough ( can forgive for lipstick, eye liner and mascara). However, not for something heavy like foundation or blush. Instead of using foundation, i prefer cleaning my face twice a day, using toner, skin care... :)
      some decorates of my room and have nice day, everyone !!!
Glass bowl of  messy stuffs.
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