Wednesday, January 2, 2013

shopping hunt before new year.

 Last night was unforgettable. Before getting into that,i'm so happy that my wishlist for new year is completed successfully. Beside things that are on my wishlist, i also got for me some really nice items.
So here is my wishlist


white jacket, red sweater, sneakers, Mango coat, urban decay eyeshadow naked 1, blue blouse with trimmed collar sheer clouse
After christmas were big sale days, that's the time for me to shop whatever i have dreamt for such a long time. And the first thing, i would buy immediately was this eyeshadow palette. i haven't used eyeshadow before and It's so expensive for my budget, i have thought for so long just to decide should i buy it or not. After going in and out Sephora, trying like crazy, and deeply in love with it, now it's mine. The colors were so neutral, beautiful, glittering and pretty good on my asian eyes.
Half baked was my favorite shadow

Me after putting on the eyeshadows, i felt sexier ;)

Red ( kind of velvet) sweater from H&M

Got it on sale with incredible price.

red ( velvet) purse with orange-shade lipstick from H&M ( highly recommend this lipstick, its cheap , about 5 bucks or something and turns out really good)

Sparkling sneaker from Aldoshoes. It actually wasn't on my wishlist but it's so beautiful that i coudn't help . However, i'm gonna return it back since it hurts my toes so much :(.
Beautiful cardigan from H&M. You never go wrong when choosing H&M For winter outfits ( believe me, most of my winter clothes were from H&M, they did pretty good job)

White jacket for darkness day.
love it :X :X
 a coat from H&M, not exactly like the coat i dreamt but its warm, long enough and on sale. 
And there is always at least a blouse for new year.

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