November 24, 2013

Because of you.

  Wow ! It has been such a long time i haven't written any blog post, longest time ever. I thought about saying goodbye to my blog during the time. Life takes full my attentions: school, family, friends, him.  I actually wrote multiple times and kept it in storage without finishing them yet. I miss writing but whenever i wrote, emotions kept flying away, which it hasn't happened to me before. Never.
  During these past times, my life literally was such a movie. After coming back from the summer trip with my mom, i wrote a blog post and deleted it after couple days.  Things changed completely during that moment. My mom came back to Viet Nam, which made my already broken-heart was more hurtful. I thought i was solid to go over through this time, i almost did except i couldn't forget him- the one that made my heart broken. My mind was full of tons of questions, that started with a question " why" and also ended up with " why" question : why did he spend times talk to me? Why was he so cold, so mean person? I hate falling in love with american, Why could my heart beat so fast for this guy? Why do i love him so much? I didn't cried but i couldn't sleep. I missed him like crazy since i decided to stop talking to him, which to me, it was good decision.  Soon i discovered why he did that to me. We went through a lot of stages, feelings, stories and also tears after then. I almost believed there wouldn't be any chance we could see each other again, hand in hand, side by side. Our parents, they don't believe and allow our relationship. I remembered there was one night i stood in an empty hall of my school crying, felt so hopeless. He cried too, which it hadn't happened to him for around eight or nine years only because he couldn't do anything, his anger to himself became tears. We broke up. It was a hard time, but as people say hard time and distance make you realize what is important to you. We knew we loved each other so much,  this time at least.  We decided just let it be, cheered each other, spent times talking whenever we were free and tried to convince our parents. Luckily, we all have good friends, who are willing to help us, give us supports. I sometimes gave up already but he was such a person that never gets mad because of my complex personality, that is i always use horoscope as an excuse: because my mother chose to give birth to me in september under libra star, which says that a libra woman can be beautiful and happy like a flower in the morning, but at night, she switches to her darkest side, cries alone without nobody knows.Yes, it's truly me .  Couple Weeks ago, we decided huge plan, probably only him who actually did that. And last night, he booked a ticket, yes, ticket to Seattle , flying to my arms, in Christmas. Well, despite of the fact that  he gotta eat subway all the time living here because of my cooking skills LOL

It's not a long time though, and we still have a long future to go. We would be together and have a happy ending in the future or probably we turn to different ways but although whatever will happen in the future, we forsure know that we already had a really good meaning time. A time that both of us kept fighting hard for our relationship. Parents, distance, trust. All i want to say, if you really want some thing that is so hard to reach to, keep trying, because i believe life will make it up for you as a gift to your try.

( i still use instagram so stop by if you wanna jump a little bit into my recent life :), and  i definitely will keep writing from now on)

August 20, 2013

Hey blog, long time no see!

It's been over month from my last post. probably, this is the first time i left blog for such a long time. During the time, I wasn't in the mood to write blog and pressures from summer quarter really sucks. Blog is a part of my life, not writing it is an annoying feelings to me but writing it in boring mood is more constrained. So here i come, with the new post and also my feelings!
I just said goodbye to one of my best friends in Seattle, she moves to other state for university. Too much sadnesses, that's how life is though. It will be the time that you have to say goodbye to something that is so valuable to you. Nothing lasts forever. Hopefully, distance isn't a matter for us not to be friends anymore...Hopefully.
When it comes to sadness, i tend to like cutting my hair. The shorter the hair, the more i feel happy. Does it sound weird? Hair is precious to me. You might know i used to be so scared when someone cut my hair. I just wanted to keep it long, beautiful and be how it is. However, i had changed this habit from early of this year, after cutting the hair, i felt my head is lighter and somehow i feel more freedom, more get out of depressed feelings. When i first saw myself with short hair, i spent all day laughing, walking around mirror and looking myself: was it me? It was so strange that i couldn't believe i did it, especially, to someone who stuck with long hair probably for whole life. I got use to it soon though. And last week, i decided to cut it shorter, like bob hair. I look more like japanese ghost doll right now,some of my friends don't like it, some like it, some don't bother commenting it . I don't care, just try new thing, live the life i want, since you only live once.
I'm gonna go NY , Boston and Washington DC next week, so i will have a bunch of photos to share for the blog ( Yay) but first, hope my laziness goes away for me to finish Portland and SF trip, then i will think about writing this upcoming trip Lol.

Here are the photos of my life recently , mostly from instagram. I'm editing some of camera versions so stay tuned!

Me with new hair 

Hot molten cake

Early this year in Spring 

Walked around and quite surprised that i can't believe how beautiful Seattle is. ( has been living here almost 2 years and never paid attention to these buildings)
We celebrated last day of summer quarter. Honestly, i has been living in Seattle 2 years, not mention i'm a food lover but this was the first time i tried hot pot for one person ( i meant knowing its existence in Seattle). 

New favorite shoes 
My best wearing tip: dress whatever you feel free, since that's your life.
Favorite vegetarian restaurant, and it has beautiful view too ;)

Cat woman , hahahahah. I'm too addicted with this " cat-head" app.
Coffee art for a morning.

waiting for firework on july, 4th.

This photo reminds me of Da Nang that was looked from mountain at night
love the corner ❤️
Waiting to get in.
They just opened new bagel coffee near my house. 
Dinner in Portland. Too... not good.They looked delicious though.

Feel the... road ;)
Tried to smile in the hopeless weather T.T ( just got back from a lake, and couldn't stand hotness after living in Seattle for a while)

July 22, 2013

Adventure to dessert land

      Spending time for my blog is never as hard like right now.  I feel like summer takes away all my energies and intelligence to write blog. Well, i have to say, i keep postponing my Portland post again. Instead, i'm gonna take you to one of my hobbies time: Coffee and pastries. As you may know, i only have 4 weeks left and then say goodbye to my best friends, so i try to spend with them as much time as i can. We put one goal together: try a new cafe/thing per week. One my our favorite discover is this place: Hot molten chocolate cakery ( i hope i remember it correctly). Anyway, i visited this cafe 2 times, one with my friends and one with my sister. The cafe didn't disappoint both the times. I especially  love their famous dessert : hot molten chocolate cake - a chocolate cake that has a crunchy crust cover super delicious hot chocolate inside in a small glass with a scoop ice cream , i'm pretty sure you would fall in love with this cake in first bite. I also like their butterbeer - yeah i know, Harry Potter. Hahahaha, when i looked at their menu, this drink was a first thing i really wanted to try. It is a combination of apple cider, ginger, peanut butter and sparkling wine...  ( apologize for my bad memory) but it tasted good, to me it's more like a ginger milk with rich flavor and TOO TOO perfect for winter. I think it's enough talking, here are the photos ;) and have a nice day you guys !

love their decoration!

They have a bunch of old polaroid photos!

This photo pumped into my eyes at first sight. It's just so beautiful!

Cream Brulee.

The rest photos under are taken by iphone at night. I'm more in Love with this cafe at night, although it was a little crowded

And photo of me, for so long not on blog

July 15, 2013

Video love (2)!

 It has been long time since i last posted. I'm too busy to finish  last process to transfer to university and driver's license, they are driving me crazy now, but thinking about not asking anyone for a ride and driving by myself makes me happy again. Anyway, after this post is gonna be a Portland post and
here are my video diaries these past weeks.

nhắng ❤️!  On the way go to Lake with my sister
Late night dinner with friends: Vietnamese food is always the best @kunbeo
Vegan time! My friend - Laina loves this place. She is like crazy about food here. Although this is vegan restaurant, their menu is quite diverse and i espically love their spaghetti with " fake" cheese!?
summer is the best as long as you are licking your favorite fl ice-cream while enjoy the sunshine
       Another day with my girl, we just walked around, had some fun, good brunch and laid down on bed playing xbox

          My favorite place to get breakfast- Portage cafe. All stuffs here are organic and they had buffet bar for French Toast ( YUM YUM :")). We ordered Egg benedict and custard lemon french toast , they were beyond delicious ( omg,  looking at this video makes me starving right now)

        WE walked to China town for food and turned out that they were celebrating summer festival. Too much fun, surprising and more importantly, many finger foods are just only 2$

June 30, 2013

Video love !

  Instagram has just updated the video function. Honestly , I love it SO SO MUCH, although i kinda had a lot of troubles while filming. I have 2 videos till now, there are some in my phone but instagram bug never allow me to finish uploading them.
   The first one is my favorite one, i have filmed like 3-4 videos on that day and impossible to upload them. Anyway, It was a fun day, we took a long walk around our neighbor, had coffee in one of the most beautiful starbucks i have seen ( my opinion) , lunch at nice cafe and made some fun footages. The second one is the first video i made with this function, i love walking around  twilight time to see people doing. So in love with Seattle!
And bonus my troll face ;)

❤️ #instavid#vscocam#photooftheday#instagood#instadaily#love by @kunbeo
love the new video feature: Seattle at night ❤️ #instavid#photooftheday#instagood#instadaily#seattle#secondhome by @kunbeo

June 29, 2013

Portland in film :)

I don't have a lot of film photos in Portland since there were probably 6-7 exposed photos ( damn, i'm already broke and the camera didn't like me neither). Anyway, Portland to me was quite peaceful and beautiful, although it's more for mid-aged  and elderly people. I prefer travelling for couple days to relax my mind than living there but hopefully, in the future, there will be at least one of my friends study in Portland  as an excuse for me to visit Portland ;).
Powell's bookstore. The largest bookstore in Oregon, they even have a map to find books since it's too large. 

Our last meal from food carts which are one of the things need to enjoy in Portland before going home

On link-rail.

Italian restaurant

too cute

Their China town compared to Seattle is larger and nicer but for some reason, not many people around here, even chineses.

Food carts