Monday, November 12, 2012

Spirit in my mind

Me at a famous park  in San francisco ( i forgot the name :( )
  I have abandoned my blog for while. A lot of things happened to me, not bad things neither good things. What could i say? my mind now is overwhelmed with a lot of spirit questions.  The first thing that stroke me a lot was when i came back to Viet Nam that happened during my fly to VietNam. At night, while everybody on the fly were sleeping, i woke up. Luckily, my sit was next to the window so i could see how beautiful the sky is at night. Stars were seems like in front of my eyes,They were so close. The blinking lights, the beauty of stars. All things were like a universal that i coudn't help to take photos. I took my camera out of my bag and started taking photos. The first photo: nothing, the second photo: nothing, the 3rd photo: another nothing, the 4th: big zero but  the fifth photo: changed my life. i won't tell you what i saw in that photo but i will tell how my life has changed since then. Maybe everything was coincident in a perfect arrangement ( if you know what i mean), maybe there was an invisible person that has been leading me to some sorts of level in spirit mind.
  5 years ago, my mother met a huge flood somewhere on a moutain in a business trip. That time, she went with a telepathy. She overcame it but she still hasn't realized anything. 1 year ago, there was a huge story that changed her life forever. " The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back" , I say this because she now is completely a different person. She told me  She should be enlightened 10 years ago not too late like now but that time, she always thought she overcame tremendous upheavals because of her intelligence ( she is really a smart girl).  Back to story of the telepathy, he told my mother he had a mission from an another telepathy ( this telepathy is died, the special thing here is he arranged his death) to help mother awake and develop her ability ( plz don't tell me I'm so superstitious but yup, my mother has a small ability of knowing future through dreams). The huge flood was a challenge for her, if she could overcome it, all her big bad upheavals would disappear( I recommend you should read THE WHEEL OF LIFE of  John blofled , there is one thing about this). 
   Anyway, before 3 months ago, i was just atheistic and intolerant person. And now? I'm still that person? maybe a little bit, i haven't reached to the awakening level like my mother but i so belive in buddha right now. There are a thousand of stories i want to tell you but i just don't know how to start it. Maybe after you read it, you will judge me as a crazy B**** but believe me, we live in a mysterical world  and we haven't known anything about it yet.

My upcoming post is about : death is not an end. I wrote it in VietNamese because it would be easier for me to transfer my message. The upcoming post is all about ghosts and how they related to buddhism ( through my experience and my knowledge) . Btw, i will tell you more details of this post in VietNamese too but if there is someone who is from other country, just shoot me a comment ( although  i guess i don't have a lot of readers :)))), maybe one or two hahahahaha ) so i will translate it.  

Thank you for reading this :)

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  1. I've heard some stories from my classmate, she said she saw spirits came to her room talking whenever she felt sick, some of them were the dead patients from the hospital we were pratising at, she is the type of person we all believe in, so .. :'|