Tuesday, November 20, 2012

lovely fall !!!

   WARNING: Skip this post if you don't like fashion :)

   Well, as you may know, i have uploaded some photos of my outfits to a fashion website named Xtyle. But there are some that i don't feel " right" to upload. So here they are...

I REALLY REALLY love this style: old grandma. But it seemed like my mom doesn't like at all. She was like: " i'm begging you, don't wear it to go out." Plus one friend of mine: " Are you kidding me, you're just like my mother."  T.T why? why?
( shirt: H&M, pants: Forever 21, shoes: urban outfitter)
My travelling outfit. I wore this for a trip to San Francisco. What could i say: Denim never gets old. Btw, waist of the shorts were made by elastic so its quite convenient for travelling. ( Denim T-shirt: stole from my mother, shorts: forever 21, sunglasses: Since i broke my 3 years sunglasses T.T, which i bought at souvenir shop too, i need a replacement. But i'm kind of person who is obsessed to long-term familiar stuff,  its like i will cry if my favorite items are broken. So i decided to start a new chapter with  new sunglasses but Holy mother, i found exactly a same old one plus 2 new ones with a super  cheap price, 15$ for 3 Teehee)

My casual look: zebra shorts with t-shirt.

Look at my face: A tired and very sad expression. Everything has its reason. This was my first day in Las Vegas and soon became my nightmare.  After a dinner, everyone in group started their journeys on their own so did i. But heat in Las Vegas were truly horrible so i decided to come back but realized instead of taking a real key for my hotel room, i took a member ship card of someone in the group. I coudn't call anyone because the signal in hotel was weak. I had to wait till around 2-3 am to get a real key :((. ( Btw, the dress is from Urban outfitter, i like it a lot hihi :D)
This year marks an important event in my life: dresses and skirts. I haven't worn any dress or skirt since elementary school, because i was a fat girl. When i was in Seattle, no one cares about what you wear, you just dress whatever you like. That's why i started wearing dresses and skirts again.
This leather jumpsuit suits me perfectly.  Love it  >3!!!

..... Last look for party tonight :)


  1. I adore your outfits colors combinations :) And the first look is lovelyyyyy, you don't look old at all!

  2. I'm so happy that you like the first look :X, anyway thank you so much :)

  3. hahah the old granny style, try with tank top stimes ?