Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Life is so beautiful right now. I still can't believe i'm back home and deep in the loves of family and friends. Nothing changed much,  feel like i just left home for a short vacation. It is so silly that i used to think when i came back, my friends wouldn't be like the ones i said goodbye at the airport. But as usual, my instinct was completely wrong. They're still by my side, listen whatever crap stories i tell them, can give me a hug whenever i need and do bullshit things together :). 
Here are some photos from a trip to Hoi An at the full-moon day. When i was there, the festival was almost finished but luckily i still got some photos and had enough time to float a lantern, that carried my dreams for the next year :) . Then i went home around 0:00 in a quite dark night. There was only my motorbike on street, plus  long graveyards on roadsides that made this night became a horror movie to me. Ew, so lucky that i got home safely 0.0

So beautiful!!!

Night market on the other side.
Some photos from a lovely old coffee. 


And smile!!!

Some flashback of the time in Seattle
Do you know how much i miss you my lover :( ?

Sometime ago on bainbridge island

Snow storm

The best thing about this gym: They have a good mirror for self-picture, Teehee!

Coincidentally, My shirt kinda matched with the car after me 
Back then that time, i was a skinny girl but now, hell yeah i gained around 9kg. Damn


  1. Your style is impeccably cuteee!
    And the photos just make me miss Hội An so much, I always have the best trips whenever I visit the center of VN. WIsh you a good day :))

  2. Oh, thank you so much, you make my day girl! :).
    Come to Da Nang whenever you can, email me so i can take you around the city :) ( well ,if i'm in Vn that time ).