Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to nature II (1)

 i just want to update something on my blog while i'm writing for my journey to SF.

Here is what i wear recently. Not so fancy and glamorous. My style is always about simple,simple and simple.

Since i was in Seattle, i lost my love for photography. Everything was so strange and unfamiliar to me. I used to think when i arrived here, i would have a lot of  models - who were really beautiful. But then, i got mistake again. Yes, i indeed had some friends who i described as pretty rapuzels.They were truly beautiful, things here was that i didn't get any feelings to take photos and decided to quit it for a while. Then, when i'm here -on my homeland, where i belong, the feelings came back to me like waves. And i know its time to take photos again.
"Sometimes, i almost forget how i love photography. But just now - this moment, i can feel it in my veins, my heart and my soul" -Kun