Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Before the trip

    Here i am, sitting in the middle of nowhere, under this bright sky with a thousand of stars that are blinking, my mind is drifting to Seattle. it's so strange that Viet Nam isn't in my heart this time, instead i kept thinking about Seattle, where my lonely life began, where my destiny changed to a new chapter. These past months, people i met, problems i faced, happinesses i got, tears i cried are my valuable memories and lessons. I hadn't thought that there would be a time i missed you so much like now. Last two weeks, i had a chance to visit some glamorous cities that have so many tall buildings, large downtowns and a lot of people. At moment, when i was deep into the flashes of these cities, i was so scared that i would forget Seattle, forgetting the nights i strolled with my brother and Ha, my Vietnamese group, my dolly Laina...
  " Life is unpredictable" as my mother said. You never know what will happen in the future, just live with all your heart. I still have one more year with you - Seattle, thank you for these past months and plz be nice to me in the future :). 
     These photos under were taken before i started a trip to California. 

I took it in a beautiful church nearby my apt. 
My favorite photo. In the photo was " my camera buddy" in Seattle
My mom visits me this month. I tried to take her to the most beautiful park in Seattle but ended up at another park because of my very bad direction skill. However, this park was much more beautiful than the park i intended to go. Not a lot of people, a huge beautiful forest, a lovely trail.
Somewhere in downtown.
Squirrel, can't stop looking them. How adorable they are!
beautiful capture in Chinatown.


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