Friday, September 21, 2012

Before heading to California

It's already three weeks since the last post. Time goes fast, i can't believe I'm home right now.For those who care and don't care: I mean my real beloved home, where i belong, where i grew up and where my memories were kept.Anyway, Its too lazy for me to write blog since i'm deep in loves of my family and friends so... Let's the photos tell you my story!

1. Strolled with my mother in a park; 2. Grocery for dinner; 3. and of course flowers; 4. Before a baseball game
1. Last night in Seattle; 2. Wandered around Pioneer Square; 3,4. Enjoyed my last ramen bowl before going to California
Some scrap photos: 1. photobooth with friends; 2. Chinese food for the last hang- out day and forsure Starbucks before getting on plane.

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