Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo diary

In a parking of dim-sum restaurant, i miss dim sum so much. Since my brother left, nobody takes me there :((
My Sunday breakfast. Always pancake with grape syrup and a drink that is sometime a latte, a VietNamese coffee or frappuchino made by me.These recent days, i'm really interested in cooking. When i was in Viet Nam, There wasn't no way i got into kitchen except baking cake but now my cooking skill is increasing day by day ( obviously, because my mother isn't here). 

Bike- it reminds me when i was 7th grade or something, bike was my close friend untill i bought a electric motorcycle. It disappeared out of my world -----_-----'
I had a nice day with this girl. She's really funny
i don't remember the name of this. It was something Salad with raw meat and fish sauce. Damn it, this was really catchy!

Eal with chilli sauce
Luk lak meat

a night before my brother left. My face was kinda sad but my action was quite funny.I love my outfit in this photo - it was half manly but is also girly too
In lake Washington, feeling cool wind of the spring.
I did a little shopping and got this fucking beautiful shirt and one lovely skirt. Can't wait to wear it.

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