Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lake of Washington

 Sorry for showing to much my face and brother's ( actually most of photos are mine). Since he moved to other state last week, i spent most my time to help him pack and hang out with him. So this post dedicates for the time we were still together.
 I must say Lake of Washington is one of the most beautiful lakes i have seen in my life till now.Flowers bloomed everywhere, scattered petals on pavements. Somebody was fishing,biking while some enjoying first sunshine of the early spring.I and my brother were quite crazy. we acted like child,jumping from this place to another place and then taking a lot of photos as a way to keep this happy moments forever.After visiting this place, we came back to our regular restaurant with our favorite food: Pho then we end up our night with a most beautiful scence of Seattle at night. To my brother, Seattle seems like his second home,i believe the last " Seattle by night" moment will be always in a corner of his heart

He was trying to be more " man"


" I'm the king of chimpanzee's land" 

i love this photo, I look so kind compared to my real person :))

trying to pose for outfit photos

Goodbye Seattle

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