Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things i want in this spring

       I always wear my boots through all times of this winter.  It was really comfortable and i love it, but weather's heating gradually, though it's still cold but i'm thinking about changing new shoes. I did search a lot in some websites and some malls last saturday but nothing was suitable for me, i can't wear heels ( i hate heels) but thing is i'm too short so i need some shoes that have high soles and then Boom I found a super cool shoes in Asos , it fascinated me immediately when i saw it first time but damn, my size was out of stock, grhhhh. So i decided to order smaller size. Crazy hah?   haha, i will try to stuck my feet into it, let's see
            In term of clothes, i don't know what to wear in this spring ( maybe knits ),but i definitely sell my clothes that were brought from VN.My closet is full of clothes, i wanna clear something for spring clothes capacity LOL.Besides, i'm broke now so money is needed right now.Hear is some inspired photos i got for spring.

( all from fashion She is my fashion icon, she has a unique style and i love her so much)

Here are two my looks this week.

If you notice, you will see how awkward my face was in these two photos. Especially the photo on right, i was like i'm a witch with messy hair
I don't like this photos , my face looked silly all the times  but i do like the shoes =)), that's why post this.
       Anyway, here is how my weekend looked like.Fast food, fast food and fast food. God plz forgives me , just one time, i won't eat it again

my Stupid brother

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