Monday, January 2, 2012

New year in Seattle

  It's been over 2 weeks since the time i left.Time has gone so fast. I don't know why but i feel nothing about Seattle even though it's really beautiful ,maybe it's because i travel a lot, maybe it's because i miss my family. There were a lot of things happening.After my mother came back to VN,  I was kicked out of the apartment by " ...'  at night and realized i can't rent apartment because i'm 17 years old ,then i cried cried day by day :)). It was such a nightmare. Luckily, some friends helped me and got me out of the stressful.
  Then boom, boxing day  , downtown is like a shopping heaven for me, i bought for me a lot of shirts with prices which couldn't be cheaper.Downtown was really beautiful at the time, there were so many people on a street who seemed they were in shopping fight, no kidding. I was in that fight too, looking for clothes with my size wasn't easy challenge.
    So i took a tour by myself  around the college,it was so fun that i felt so relaxing in chilly day with hot mocha and wandered around campus, visited some bookstores,felt life.Unfortunately, i took a wrong bus and you know what, it took me 2 hours and  half to find my apartment, that time, i changed my mind suddenly, standing in the freaking cold day wasn't funny at all.
   New year, Almost became boring day to me. But  hopefully, i will have beautiful days next year.

Boxing day.


  1. :| how abt ur accommodation now em :( ?

  2. i don't even know :)), but i'm fine , thank chị :D