Tuesday, October 18, 2011


            Some of my favorite inspirations.Almost of these photos are winter outfits becuz i'm gonna move to a cold place which means i have to buy winter things, and these photos inspire me a lot.

From : http://christophwho.blogspot.com/ ( check him out, he is a good photographer)

Three photos above belong to http://mariannan.indiedays.com/ . I just discovered her few days ago and totally fell in love with her blog and her style. I would say check her blog immediatly .
Last is http://fruitmachineblog.blogspot.com/ , incredible girl, her style is unique. Also her film photos are nice too.
I  have a tons of inspirations to share but unfortunatetly i can't remember which one belongs to who.Mostly from the Sartorialist and stockholm steet style. I will save these inspirations for my next post.

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