Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello new week !

           I'm preparing for my new trip to Thai Land. Wohoo, I just can't imagine that this year, i have travelled a lot, what i have learned from these trip are valuable lessons. I met new people who are really nice, i ate many different food, I also took  tons of photos. From each trip, i know what things  i should bring and what things i shouldn't. I know how to go MRT  and bus :)) ( in my city, i haven't stepped into the bus).Although my english is super bad but slowly slowly i know how to make the local understand what i want to say. Sometimes, during the travel, i thought i shouldn't travel just becuz i met a lot of strange things and just wanna have a deep sleep on my lovely bed. However, in fact, i missed my train and slept near the toilet because it was warm there ( 3rd trip) :)) . But thanks to that, i know how to endure harship - the thing i haven't done before. And we just live young once, let's travel before it's too late :)
         These shot under are taken when i went to my place where my father was born. Damn, When these are scanned, i realized that my Light measure has a proplem which means my photos turn out to be so dark. However, i love the color in these photos. It's so natural like something in 189x :D.

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