August 20, 2011


         Its has been a long time since my last post. I have lost my feeling for photography for while ( again), nothing lasts forever. A lot of things has happened that time. I changed my camera and soon realized that i'm not in love with photography anymore, too late to realize. I took a lot of photoshoot these time, and none of them were edited, they're still in my memorycard. No love, no feeling, no passion.I used to say " photography = life" and then  Somebody asked me " Hey, you really quit your " life" hah ?' .I just answered : " just a little break" But deep inside my heart, i know it would be a long long break for me to get back into a photography world. However, photograhy is still my hobby and I won't stop taking until my passion come back.
         These photos are taken when i was in Hue