April 25, 2011

Kita guni

      This week, i had 2 important birthdays. Both of 2 are my best sisters.But this one is almost my sibling.Luckily, she know that i like japanese's food so she took me to Kita guni restaurant. This restaurant is so japanese : decoration, waitresses, owner and also customers. We just ordered 2 dishes : a set of sushi, and japanese's pancake. I want to eat more but my stomach was full and if i had eaten it countinously, my stomach would have exploded. I ate like a eater machine , but my sister seemed that she didn't like it at all. I tried to shoot some photos about this restaurant but there were so many waitesses, and maybe they didn't like me to shoot so i thought : " ok, it's fine" but inside me, i thought " why coudn't i take this restaurant" . But after all this , this restaurant is worthy of visiting again.
       The japanese's pancake was pretty awesome. Although it was quite greasy but i love it. The appetizer were good too

       We both drank orange juices, because this were only drink we can drink in this restaurant. They just had wine, Ew...  This place made sushi weren't good but it still looked delicous right?
Some of  my sister's photos


April 21, 2011

Happy birthday 18 sweet, my girl !

        Maybe it's too late to write this but
_  Even though you're not my sibling but you're better than that
 _  The first time i saw you, i thought that i don't like you
_   You always beside me me when i'm sad
_  I still remember these days that you and me took photo togerther
_ You re my good sister
_   My best model
_  And my best friend :)
        6,7 months later, i will leave here, and we will no longer have party, stroll.We will no longer have the day that you are model and i'm photographer. We will no longer ...   But just remember, i always remember you, you took a small part in my heart ( small but important :) ) . And even what will happen , what will change. I'm  beside you  , my girl !


April 4, 2011

Chilly night

        I haven't taken photos for month. So many homeworks, many things to do. It just makes me forget my camera. Day by day, i feel like i'm not intersting in photo anymore. Or, i'm losing it.When i told this with my sister . She comforted me that i shouldn't worry about that and my feeling will be back someday....Maybe.
          Otherwise, I had a nice night with my sister. She took me to her favorite coffe shop - Nep , also my favorite too. I'm not kind of people who like go out at night . But that night was great. I means the music, the feeling, people, owner's coffe shop, coffe art, good sister.Watching people on the road, thinking about my future, gossiping with my sister were awesome too.


My favorite model

also my good sister

her lipgloss

Han market ( point view from window of the coffe shop)

 ( sorry for the quality of these photos, it was so dark here)